Barach & Beacon Agency

We are a leading overseas student placement agency staffed with experienced and self motivated professionals most of whom were educated and trained in the UK and some of whom have held top positions in leading international organisations.

Our staff have a strong background in recruitment, counselling, consulting and travel agency . We pride ourselves in giving professional advice to students to enable them make the best choice of study to meet their individual situations and aspirations.

We have an intimate knowledge of the Nigerian Market and regularly engage local schools and students via direct seminars and trade fairs and exhibitions. Sometimes this involves inviting officials of the school to give a talk.

We have a vast array of direct and indirect partnerships with top institutions across the world and are continuously building and seeking to expand our network of partnerships, agencies and agreements with overseas institutions to meet the changing and varied demands of the market place and to market directly to local schools and students considering an overseas education.

We regularly attend international conferences , trade fairs and exhibitions and interact with the players and are continuously seeking to update our knowledge of international markets and institutions so that we can better present opportunities to the local market . We have an intimate knowledge of the UK , Ireland, Canadian and US educational systems which are our prime markets but also place students to the Middle east , Asia and other European Countries.

We adopt a professional and effective student placement policy designed to give informed advice to schools and students and to conform to the best code of practice.

We have been very active in the placement of students into top Canadian University Foundation Programmes and junior schools, top UK Junior and A levels boarding schools and universities. We have also been active in the procurement of Canadian and UK student visas in which we have near 100% success rate.

University Foundation programmes are accelerated programmes typically 9-12 months leading to direct entry into Universities. Our students have been placed on such courses as Medicine, Pharmacy, Engineering, Geology, Business Studies, Computing, Economics , Banking & Finance, law and Humanities etc
We also provide competent followup services on all our students comprising counselling, mentoring and guardianship services to monitor student progress, address issues affecting their studies, health or stay and providing timely solutions and reporting to parents/sponsors.

Other Services that we offer include career guidance, student tours, visa procurement, education consulting and compliance services.

Taiwo Osakwe (Mrs)
Executive Director

5B Wole Ariyo Street, Lekki Phase1,
Lagos, Nigeria


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